National Hunt Racing Form - Perth - Last 10 Years
DateRaceRace TypeRace DistanceHorseRace Value (Class)TrainerSP OddsFinishing Position
27 Sep 20182:50 Perth Handicap Hurdle2mJET MASTER7K (4)N W ALEXANDER20-18/10
26 Sep 20185:20 Perth Handicap Hurdle2m 4fDODGYBINGO7K (4)JAMES MOFFATT11-1P/13
1 Aug 20184:55 Perth Handicap Hurdle3mDUTCH CANYON6K (5)N W ALEXANDER14-14/9
23 Jun 20183:10 Perth Handicap Hurdle2m 4fFRANKIE'S PROMISE6K (5)N W ALEXANDER16-110/12
17 May 20182:30 Perth Novice Chase3mFLY RORY FLY7K (4)N W ALEXANDER12-12/3
16 May 20188:35 Perth Handicap Hurdle3mJET MASTER9K (4)N W ALEXANDER16-15/11
16 May 20187:05 Perth Handicap Hurdle2mJOLIE CRICKETTE8K (4)N W ALEXANDER16-18/10
16 May 20186:05 Perth Maiden Hurdle2m 4fMOORES NOVELTY6K (4)N W ALEXANDER20-14/10
27 Apr 20185:15 Perth NH Flat2mACCOST4K (4)N W ALEXANDER66-19/13
27 Apr 20184:15 Perth Handicap Hurdle2m 4fSILK OR SCARLET7K (4)N W ALEXANDER6-12/9
26 Apr 20183:30 Perth Novice Handicap Chase2m 4fFLY RORY FLY15K (3)N W ALEXANDER22-14/6
26 Apr 20182:55 Perth Handicap Hurdle2mMOORES NOVELTY7K (4)N W ALEXANDER14-1P/12
25 Apr 20184:15 Perth Novice Handicap Chase3mCALIVIGNY11K (3)N W ALEXANDER7-14/6
25 Apr 20183:10 Perth Handicap Chase3mJET MASTER19K (3)N W ALEXANDER12-1F/11
25 Apr 20182:00 Perth Handicap Hurdle2m 4fJOLIE CRICKETTE8K (4)N W ALEXANDER16-15/8
28 Sep 20172:45 Perth Handicap Hurdle2mJET MASTER4K (4)N W ALEXANDER9-41/4
27 Sep 20174:30 Perth Handicap Hurdle3mLANDECKER9K (3)N W ALEXANDER22-14/7
19 Aug 20172:35 Perth Novice Handicap Hurdle3mHIGHLAND PEAK4K (4)JACKIE STEPHEN16-17/10
19 Aug 20172:00 Perth Novice Hurdle2mCELTIC POWER4K (4)JIM GOLDIE25-15/5
18 May 20172:00 Perth Maiden Hurdle2mDANCE OF FIRE4K (4)N W ALEXANDER8-14/12
17 May 20178:35 Perth Handicap Hurdle3mJET MASTER9K (4)N W ALEXANDER9-15/11
28 Apr 20174:15 Perth Handicap Chase3m 7fMARLEE MASSIE19K (3)N W ALEXANDER18-18/13
28 Apr 20172:00 Perth Novice Hurdle2mFINAL REMINDER5K (4)N W ALEXANDER40-15/10
27 Apr 20173:05 Perth Handicap Hurdle2mCHRISTMAS IN USA4K (5)N W ALEXANDER14-111/15
27 Apr 20172:00 Perth Novice Hurdle2mDANCE OF FIRE5K (4)N W ALEXANDER10-16/11
26 Apr 20174:40 Perth Novice Handicap Chase3mCALIVIGNY9K (3)N W ALEXANDER7-17/10
22 Sep 20162:10 Perth Handicap Hurdle2mJET MASTER5K (4)N W ALEXANDER9-21/7
21 Sep 20164:40 Perth Handicap Hurdle3mLANDECKER8K (3)N W ALEXANDER11-17/10
5 Jun 20162:40 Perth Handicap Chase2m 4fJET MASTER10K (3)N W ALEXANDER12-16/9
12 May 20164:25 Perth Handicap Chase3mTHE BISHOP5K (5)N W ALEXANDER10-1P/8
12 May 20163:25 Perth Handicap Hurdle2mJET MASTER14K (3)N W ALEXANDER6-15/7
11 May 20167:20 Perth Novice Handicap Hurdle3mMASSINI'S LADY4K (5)N W ALEXANDER22-1P/13
11 May 20166:20 Perth Novice Handicap Chase2mCELESTINO4K (5)N W ALEXANDER13-22/9
22 Apr 20164:15 Perth Handicap Chase3m 7fBERTIE MILAN19K (3)N W ALEXANDER10-15/9
22 Apr 20163:05 Perth Handicap Hurdle2m 4fDUTCH CANYON5K (5)N W ALEXANDER10-14/14
21 Apr 20165:05 Perth Novice Handicap Hurdle2m 4fBENNY'S SECRET7K (4)N W ALEXANDER10-19/11
21 Apr 20163:00 Perth Handicap Hurdle2m 4fLANDECKER11K (3)N W ALEXANDER14-1P/7
21 Apr 20162:30 Perth Handicap Hurdle2mCELESTINO4K (5)N W ALEXANDER20-13/18
20 Apr 20165:30 Perth Handicap Hurdle2mJET MASTER9K (3)N W ALEXANDER11-13/8
24 Sep 20154:25 Perth Handicap Hurdle2mJET MASTER5K (4)N W ALEXANDER12-11/9
23 Sep 20155:45 Perth Handicap Hurdle3mANDHAAR8K (3)N W ALEXANDER40-16/7
23 Sep 20153:30 Perth Handicap Chase3mBERTIE MILAN5K (4)N W ALEXANDER12-11/8
22 Aug 20155:35 Perth Handicap Chase3mBERTIE MILAN14K (4)N W ALEXANDER14-1P/10
7 Jun 20153:20 Perth Novice Handicap Hurdle2mMARLEE MASSIE4K (4)N W ALEXANDER12-16/9
14 May 20155:45 Perth NH Flat2mJANE'S FANTASY2K (6)N W ALEXANDER25-18/8
14 May 20154:40 Perth Handicap Chase3mMARLEE MOURINHO5K (5)N W ALEXANDER7-16/7
14 May 20152:30 Perth Novice Hurdle3mCALIVIGNY4K (5)N W ALEXANDER7-22/4
13 May 20157:55 Perth Handicap Chase3mBERTIE MILAN9K (4)N W ALEXANDER4-14/5
13 May 20157:25 Perth Novice Handicap Hurdle2mMARLEE MASSIE4K (5)N W ALEXANDER8-14/8
13 May 20155:55 Perth Maiden Hurdle2m 4fFAREWELLTOCHEYENNE4K (5)N W ALEXANDER16-17/10
24 Apr 20154:20 Perth Handicap Chase3m 7fBERTIE MILAN19K (3)N W ALEXANDER8-14/11
24 Apr 20153:10 Perth Handicap Hurdle2m 4fCLAN LEGEND4K (5)N W ALEXANDER25-110/17
23 Apr 20155:25 Perth Novice Handicap Hurdle2m 4fDUTCH CANYON7K (4)N W ALEXANDER33-16/8
23 Apr 20153:20 Perth Handicap Hurdle2m 4fLANDECKER11K (3)N W ALEXANDER13-24/9
23 Apr 20152:50 Perth Handicap Hurdle2mCLAN CHIEF4K (5)N W ALEXANDER15-210/15
22 Apr 20153:30 Perth Novice Hurdle3mCALIVIGNY14K (2)N W ALEXANDER28-14/5
22 Apr 20152:20 Perth Maiden Hurdle2m 4fGOLD OPERA5K (4)N W ALEXANDER20-18/16
25 Sep 20144:30 Perth Novice Handicap Hurdle2m 4fROSSINI'S DANCER14K (3)N W ALEXANDER20-14/7
9 Sep 20146:00 Perth Handicap Hurdle2m 4fDUMBARTON8K (3)JAMES MOFFATT7-13/4
9 Sep 20144:25 Perth Novice Hurdle2mROSSINI'S DANCER4K (4)N W ALEXANDER8-12/8
16 Aug 20145:15 Perth Handicap Hurdle2m 4fMAKHZOON6K (3)N W ALEXANDER8-16/6
16 Aug 20143:35 Perth Novice Handicap Chase2m 4fROC DE PRINCE6K (4)JAMES EWART3-14/6
16 Aug 20143:00 Perth Novice Handicap Hurdle2m 4fSLANEY STAR4K (4)N W ALEXANDER5-1F/8
30 Jul 20142:50 Perth Handicap Hurdle2mSLEEP IN FIRST3K (5)JAMES EWART33-16/10
29 Jul 20147:00 Perth Novice Handicap Chase2m 4fROC DE PRINCE5K (4)JAMES EWART11-24/6
8 Jun 20144:55 Perth Handicap Hurdle2m 4fMOLLY MILAN6K (4)JIM GOLDIE8-13/7
8 Jun 20144:25 Perth Handicap Chase3mWICKLOW LAD24K (2)N W ALEXANDER20-1P/8
15 May 20145:35 Perth NH Flat2mBRACING2K (6)N W ALEXANDER28-15/6
15 May 20145:05 Perth Handicap Hurdle2mDUMBARTON14K (3)JAMES MOFFATT6-14/5
14 May 20149:05 Perth Novice Handicap Hurdle2mBLACKMORE4K (5)N W ALEXANDER15-27/7
14 May 20148:05 Perth Handicap Chase3mHUMPHREY BEE9K (4)N W ALEXANDER3-13/4
14 May 20147:35 Perth Handicap Hurdle3mQUEL ELITE5K (4)JAMES MOFFATT11-28/9
25 Apr 20145:20 Perth NH Flat2mBRACING2K (5)N W ALEXANDER50-19/12
25 Apr 20144:10 Perth Handicap Chase3m 7fBERTIE MILAN19K (3)N W ALEXANDER15-21/12
25 Apr 20143:05 Perth Handicap Hurdle2m 4fMARLEE MASSIE4K (5)N W ALEXANDER40-16/11
25 Apr 20142:00 Perth Maiden Hurdle2mCEILIDH4K (4)N W ALEXANDER40-17/8
24 Apr 20143:50 Perth Handicap Hurdle2m 4fMAKHZOON9K (3)N W ALEXANDER28-17/7
24 Apr 20143:20 Perth Novice Handicap Chase3mHUMPHREY BEE10K (3)N W ALEXANDER28-14/8
24 Apr 20142:50 Perth Handicap Hurdle2mCAUGHT IN THE ACT4K (5)N W ALEXANDER20-110/12
23 Apr 20145:00 Perth Handicap Chase3mROSSINI'S DANCER11K (3)N W ALEXANDER28-110/10
23 Apr 20143:15 Perth Novice Hurdle3mLANDECKER14K (2)N W ALEXANDER33-1P/7
23 Apr 20142:10 Perth Maiden Hurdle2m 4fANOTHER MATTIE4K (4)N W ALEXANDER15-84/11
26 Sep 20136:05 Perth NH Flat2mAMILLIONTIMES2K (5)MRS JACKIE STEPHEN25-111/12
26 Sep 20135:35 Perth Handicap Chase2m 4fTHE PADDY PREMIUM7K (4)N W ALEXANDER22-17/10
26 Sep 20135:05 Perth Handicap Hurdle2mLEROY PARKER6K (4)BARRY MURTAGH25-19/9
25 Sep 20133:25 Perth Claiming Hurdle2mMAKHZOON5K (4)N W ALEXANDER11-27/8
25 Sep 20132:20 Perth Novice Hurdle2m 4fROSSINI'S DANCER4K (4)N W ALEXANDER9-15/8
17 Aug 20136:20 Perth NH Flat2mDALSTONTOSILOTH2K (5)BARRY MURTAGH8-15/6
17 Aug 20135:50 Perth Handicap Chase2m 4fSERGEANT PINK13K (3)DIANNE SAYER14-11/7
17 Aug 20134:40 Perth Handicap Hurdle2m 4fBRIGHT ABBEY9K (3)DIANNE SAYER5-12/7
17 Aug 20133:35 Perth Novice Handicap Chase2m 4fMERRY MINSTER9K (4)JAMES WALTON7-12/5
31 Jul 20135:10 Perth Handicap Chase3mLAYBACH5K (5)JIM GOLDIE9-1P/11
31 Jul 20134:35 Perth Handicap Chase2m 4fSERGEANT PINK9K (4)DIANNE SAYER7-14/6
31 Jul 20134:00 Perth Handicap Hurdle2m 4fLADY GARGOYLE5K (4)JIM GOLDIE6-1P/6
31 Jul 20133:25 Perth Handicap Chase2mTHE PADDY PREMIUM6K (4)N W ALEXANDER2-11/3
14 Jul 20135:00 Perth NH Flat2mDALSTONTOSILOTH2K (6)BARRY MURTAGH17-24/5
4 Jul 20135:00 Perth Handicap Hurdle2m 4fKING'S CHORISTER6K (4)BARRY MURTAGH16-1P/10
4 Jul 20133:30 Perth Novice Handicap Hurdle3mACADEMY5K (4)N W ALEXANDER8-1P/12
3 Jul 20135:10 Perth Handicap Hurdle2mLAP OF HONOUR6K (4)FERDY MURPHY20-1P/8
3 Jul 20134:10 Perth Selling Handicap Hurdle2m 4fELIADES RUN4K (5)FERDY MURPHY16-1P/12
3 Jul 20133:10 Perth Novice Handicap Chase2m 4fLAYBACH6K (4)JIM GOLDIE7-13/8
3 Jul 20132:10 Perth Handicap Chase2mSERGEANT PINK7K (4)DIANNE SAYER11-21/8
9 Jun 20135:30 Perth NH Flat2mMARLEE MASSIE2K (6)N W ALEXANDER22-17/7
9 Jun 20135:00 Perth Handicap Hurdle2m 4fCOOL BARANCA7K (4)DIANNE SAYER7-19/14
26 Apr 20135:35 Perth NH Flat2mFRANKIE'S PROMISE2K (5)N W ALEXANDER10-11/12
26 Apr 20135:05 Perth Handicap Hurdle3m 3fDAASIJ8K (3)N W ALEXANDER5-14/9
26 Apr 20134:35 Perth Handicap Chase3m 7fPAPAMOA19K (3)N W ALEXANDER9-2P/13
26 Apr 20133:25 Perth Handicap Hurdle2m 4fNORTHERN ACRES5K (5)N W ALEXANDER7-25/12
26 Apr 20132:55 Perth Handicap Chase2mROSSINI'S DANCER10K (3)N W ALEXANDER8-1P/7
26 Apr 20132:20 Perth Maiden Hurdle2mELMAATIGRA4K (4)N W ALEXANDER12-15/11
25 Apr 20135:20 Perth Handicap Hurdle2m 4fJET MASTER9K (3)N W ALEXANDER7-16/9
25 Apr 20133:45 Perth Novice Handicap Hurdle2m 4fACADEMY8K (4)N W ALEXANDER17-25/8
25 Apr 20132:45 Perth Handicap Hurdle2mKING'S CHORISTER4K (5)BARRY MURTAGH8-13/14
25 Apr 20132:15 Perth Novice Hurdle2mANOTHER MATTIE5K (4)N W ALEXANDER16-12/7
24 Apr 20136:10 Perth Handicap Hurdle2mDEEPSAND8K (3)TIM EASTERBY7-21/6
24 Apr 20133:30 Perth Handicap Hurdle2m 4fGOLDTREK6K (4)N W ALEXANDER6-1F/9
24 Apr 20133:00 Perth Maiden Hurdle2m 4fSTANDINTHEBAND4K (4)N W ALEXANDER12-11/8
27 Sep 20125:35 Perth NH Flat2mMISTER PAGAN2K (6)JIM GOLDIE7-25/11
27 Sep 20125:05 Perth Handicap Chase2m 4fROSSINI'S DANCER7K (4)N W ALEXANDER10-11/7
27 Sep 20124:30 Perth Handicap Hurdle2mTOSHI5K (4)JIM GOLDIE5-1P/11
27 Sep 20123:55 Perth Novice Handicap Hurdle2m 4fCHEATINGSIDEOFTOWN5K (4)N W ALEXANDER7-18/14
27 Sep 20123:20 Perth Novice Chase2m 4fWYSE HILL TEABAGS7K (4)JIM GOLDIE9-2F/8
27 Sep 20122:10 Perth Novice Hurdle3mFOUR FIDDLERS4K (4)N W ALEXANDER9-13/7
26 Sep 20125:05 Perth Handicap Hurdle3mMAKHZOON6K (3)N W ALEXANDER22-1P/13
26 Sep 20124:30 Perth Handicap Chase3mCARRIETAU8K (3)BARRY MURTAGH33-16/8
26 Sep 20123:55 Perth Hurdle2mALTNAHARRA4K (4)JIM GOLDIE50-15/6
26 Sep 20122:45 Perth Claiming Hurdle2mPURKAB4K (4)JIM GOLDIE33-14/4
26 Sep 20122:10 Perth Novice Hurdle2m 4fSEA CHANGE4K (4)JIM GOLDIE5-13/4
21 Aug 20124:55 Perth Handicap Hurdle2mTOSHI4K (4)JIM GOLDIE6-12/6
21 Aug 20124:25 Perth Novice Handicap Hurdle2mBALWYLLO3K (5)N W ALEXANDER28-1P/7
21 Aug 20123:55 Perth Handicap Chase3mCOLDITZ3K (5)RICHARD FORD12-1P/5
21 Aug 20123:25 Perth Handicap Hurdle2m 4fSPIRIT OF A NATION4K (4)JIM GOLDIE11-41/7
21 Aug 20122:55 Perth Handicap Chase2mSILVER STEEL3K (5)RICHARD FORD5-11/5
21 Aug 20122:25 Perth Maiden Hurdle2m 4fPURKAB3K (5)JIM GOLDIE20-14/5
18 Aug 20126:20 Perth NH Flat2mMISTER PAGAN2K (5)JIM GOLDIE5-11/7
18 Aug 20124:45 Perth Novice Handicap Hurdle2m 4fNAY SECRET5K (4)JIM GOLDIE14-14/7
18 Aug 20124:15 Perth Handicap Hurdle2mPARSON'S PUNCH24K (2)LUCY NORMILE66-1P/10
18 Aug 20123:10 Perth Novice Hurdle2mLILLIOFTHEBALLET4K (4)JIM GOLDIE12-13/7
1 Aug 20128:30 Perth Handicap Chase3mNORTHERN FLAME5K (5)N W ALEXANDER20-17/7
1 Aug 20127:30 Perth Handicap Hurdle2m 4fWORD OF WARNING4K (4)MARTIN TODHUNTER9-16/9
1 Aug 20127:00 Perth Handicap Chase2mPETE3K (4)BARRY MURTAGH7-13/5
1 Aug 20126:25 Perth Novice Hurdle2mADIOS SAFFRON4K (4)MARTIN TODHUNTER25-13/4
31 Jul 20128:35 Perth Novice Handicap Chase2m 4fPETE5K (4)BARRY MURTAGH10-16/7
31 Jul 20127:35 Perth Maiden Hurdle2m 4fLILLIOFTHEBALLET4K (4)JIM GOLDIE20-15/8
10 Jun 20124:40 Perth Handicap Hurdle2m 4fMAKHZOON7K (3)N W ALEXANDER16-11/10
10 Jun 20124:10 Perth Handicap Chase3mZITENKA29K (2)TIM EASTERBY12-16/17
10 Jun 20123:40 Perth Novice Handicap Hurdle2mACADEMY5K (4)N W ALEXANDER9-15/9
10 Jun 20122:40 Perth Novice Handicap Chase2m 4fFREDDIE BROWN8K (3)GEORGE CHARLTON5-25/5
17 May 20125:40 Perth NH Flat2mBUFFALO BALLET2K (6)N W ALEXANDER5-15/10
17 May 20125:05 Perth Handicap Hurdle2mKING'S CHORISTER4K (4)BARRY MURTAGH12-16/10
16 May 20129:00 Perth Handicap Hurdle3mFOUR FIDDLERS6K (4)N W ALEXANDER25-14/12
16 May 20127:30 Perth Maiden Hurdle2m 4fACADEMY4K (5)N W ALEXANDER25-16/15
16 May 20127:00 Perth Handicap Chase3mROSSINI'S DANCER8K (3)N W ALEXANDER5-1P/12
16 May 20126:30 Perth Handicap Chase2m 4fAMULREE4K (5)N W ALEXANDER40-1P/11
16 May 20126:00 Perth Novice Handicap Hurdle2mCHEATINGSIDEOFTOWN6K (3)N W ALEXANDER8-16/9
27 Apr 20122:35 Perth Handicap Chase3m 7fTIPSY DARA17K (3)N W ALEXANDER7-1F/11
27 Apr 20122:00 Perth Maiden Hurdle2mCHEATINGSIDEOFTOWN4K (4)SUE BRADBURNE15-83/6
26 Apr 20123:30 Perth Handicap Chase2m 4fRIGUEZ DANCER19K (2)FERDY MURPHY6-14/6
26 Apr 20123:00 Perth Novice Handicap Hurdle3mPAPAMOA6K (3)N W ALEXANDER9-21/9
26 Apr 20122:00 Perth Novice Hurdle2mJET MASTER4K (4)SUE BRADBURNE5-22/7
25 Apr 20124:40 Perth Handicap Hurdle2mKING'S CHORISTER6K (3)BARRY MURTAGH6-16/7
25 Apr 20123:00 Perth Novice Chase2mTHE PADDY PREMIUM8K (3)N W ALEXANDER66-13/4
25 Apr 20122:00 Perth Maiden Hurdle2m 4fFOUR FIDDLERS4K (4)N W ALEXANDER4-14/7
22 Sep 20114:05 Perth Novice Handicap Hurdle2m 4fPAPAMOA3K (4)N W ALEXANDER8-14/8
21 Sep 20115:20 Perth Handicap Hurdle3mMIRAGE DORE5K (3)ROSE DOBBIN33-15/9
21 Sep 20114:45 Perth Handicap Chase3mFLOREANA6K (3)SIMON WAUGH25-1P/12
26 Jul 20119:10 Perth Handicap Hurdle2mPETE4K (4)BARRY MURTAGH14-13/10
26 Jul 20118:40 Perth Handicap Chase3mSCOTCH WARRIOR6K (3)R MICHAEL SMITH5-16/6
26 Jul 20117:35 Perth Selling Handicap Hurdle2m 4fOVER THE CLYDE2K (5)WILLIAM YOUNG50-1P/10
10 Jul 20113:40 Perth Handicap Chase2m 4fSCOTCH WARRIOR7K (3)R MICHAEL SMITH3-11/5
10 Jul 20113:10 Perth Handicap Hurdle3mCAPE SECRET4K (4)GORDON ELLIOTT10-16/9
10 Jul 20112:40 Perth Novice Hurdle2m 4fFRONTIER LAD2K (4)R MICHAEL SMITH50-16/7
10 Jul 20112:10 Perth Maiden Hurdle2mMACK MILAN2K (4)R MICHAEL SMITH66-19/10
30 Jun 20114:20 Perth Handicap Chase2m 4fSCOTCH WARRIOR5K (4)R MICHAEL SMITH7-21/8
30 Jun 20113:50 Perth Handicap Chase3mFLOREANA3K (5)SIMON WAUGH12-14/9
30 Jun 20113:20 Perth Handicap Hurdle3mDANNY JOHN BOY3K (4)BARRY MURTAGH40-16/12
29 Jun 20113:20 Perth Maiden Hurdle2m 4fFRONTIER LAD2K (4)R MICHAEL SMITH50-1P/12
5 Jun 20113:30 Perth Handicap Chase2mSCOTCH WARRIOR4K (4)R MICHAEL SMITH6-14/8
12 May 20115:40 Perth NH Flat2mLITTLE GLENSHEE1K (6)N W ALEXANDER40-14/10
11 May 20116:40 Perth Novice Handicap Chase3mAMULREE4K (4)N W ALEXANDER66-17/9
28 Apr 20114:20 Perth Hunter Chase3m 2fFLOREANA2K (5)MRS A J BOSWELL8-17/10
27 Apr 20115:35 Perth Amateur Handicap Hurdle3mFORCEFIELD3K (4)N W ALEXANDER40-18/18
27 Apr 20112:45 Perth Maiden Hurdle2m 4fFOUR FIDDLERS3K (4)N W ALEXANDER40-13/14
12 May 20108:50 Perth Handicap Hurdle3mFOODBROKER FOUNDER5K (4)N W ALEXANDER66-1P/12
23 Apr 20105:20 Perth NH Flat2mFORCEFIELD2K (5)N W ALEXANDER25-12/8