National Hunt Racing Form - Wetherby - Last 10 Years
DateRaceRace TypeRace DistanceHorseRace Value (Class)TrainerSP OddsFinishing Position
13 Jan 20182:50 Wetherby Handicap Hurdle2m 4fCATCHAMAT11K (3)JAMES WALTON66-110/11
6 Jan 20172:40 Wetherby Amateur Handicap Chase3mFRANK THE SLINK4K (5)MICKY HAMMOND25-1P/12
3 Dec 20161:10 Wetherby Handicap Hurdle3mNATIVE OPTIMIST5K (4)SHEENA WALTON25-1P/8
29 Oct 20163:55 Wetherby Novice Hurdle2mWISHING WELL8K (3)MICKY HAMMOND28-15/9
23 Feb 20163:50 Wetherby Handicap Chase1m 7fRUPERT BEAR7K (4)JAMES WALTON33-13/6
16 Jan 201612:55 Wetherby Novice Chase2m 3fCENTRAL FLAME5K (4)JAMES WALTON33-13/4
5 Dec 201512:55 Wetherby Handicap Hurdle3mNATIVE OPTIMIST5K (4)SHEENA WALTON4-11/7
25 Nov 20153:00 Wetherby Handicap Hurdle2m 4fRAYADOUR4K (4)MICKY HAMMOND9-18/11
28 May 20158:25 Wetherby Hunter Chase2m 4fKEKI BUKU1K (6)I M MASON8-1P/10
21 May 20155:20 Wetherby Handicap Hurdle3m 1fANOTHER DIMENSION3K (5)ROSE DOBBIN14-14/11
6 Dec 20143:25 Wetherby NH Flat1m 4fNOWREYNA2K (6)ROBERT JOHNSON100-118/18
13 Apr 20146:00 Wetherby Handicap Hurdle2mRAYADOUR3K (5)MICKY HAMMOND5-21/9
1 Feb 20143:55 Wetherby Hunter Chase3m 1fPLAYING THE FIELD1K (6)MRS ALISON CHRISTMAS33-1P/10
21 Jan 20141:20 Wetherby Handicap Hurdle3m 1fNATIVE OPTIMIST2K (5)SHEENA WALTON50-14/15
23 May 20132:10 Wetherby Handicap Hurdle3m 1fELIADES RUN2K (5)FERDY MURPHY16-14/17
28 Apr 20135:15 Wetherby Handicap Hurdle2mVODKA RED2K (5)ROBERT JOHNSON16-15/11
2 Feb 20131:00 Wetherby Handicap Hurdle2mRUPERT BEAR4K (4)JAMES WALTON18-1P/14
17 Nov 20122:25 Wetherby Handicap Chase3m 1fDYSTONIA'S REVENGE9K (3)SHEENA WALTON66-1P/9
23 Nov 20113:05 Wetherby Handicap Chase2m 6fDYSTONIA'S REVENGE4K (4)SHEENA WALTON66-1F/9
19 May 20112:00 Wetherby Handicap Hurdle3m 1fWHATEVERTHEWEATHER2K (5)SANDY FORSTER50-1P/14
6 Apr 20103:20 Wetherby Handicap Hurdle2m 6fWATCH THE WIND4K (4)JAMES WALTON40-1F/14