National Hunt Racing Jockey Form - Folkestone - Last 10 Years
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Jockey Rides Wins Win Strike Rate Win %Return at SP Win %Return at Estimated Betfair Odds Placed (inc wins) Place Strike Rate Each-Way %Return at SP
ANDREW THORNTON 5811.7%3.3%3.6%1220.7%44.9%-
LEIGHTON ASPELL 48918.8%124.0%153.7%1735.4%100.3%-
JAMIE MOORE 40615.0%143.1%152.7%1230.0%111.3%-
TOM CANNON 37718.9%105.6%138.8%2054.1%129.8%-
A P MCCOY 361027.8%66.7%73.4%2055.6%74.0%-
NOEL FEHILY 29724.1%92.2%101.5%1655.2%105.9%-
RICHARD JOHNSON 26934.6%255.6%317.6%1350.0%184.5%-
MR P YORK 26415.4%32.0%32.4%623.1%31.2%-
COLIN BOLGER 2514.0%68.0%80.6%624.0%115.5%-
AIDAN COLEMAN 24625.0%95.8%103.8%833.3%78.1%-
DARYL JACOB 24416.7%41.6%45.5%1041.7%62.2%-
GEMMA GRACEY-DAVISON 2314.3%26.1%26.1%730.4%117.3%-
JOSHUA MOORE 2229.1%40.9%44.3%731.8%51.4%-
LIAM TREADWELL 21419.0%139.3%152.7%628.6%102.9%-
ALEX MERRIAM 2129.5%185.7%305.9%628.6%160.2%-
FELIX DE GILES 20315.0%78.8%90.0%630.0%68.6%-
HADDEN FROST 2000.0%0.0%0.0%420.0%37.6%-

In the %Return boxes above, a return of 100% indicates breaking even. A return of 93% would indicate an average loss of £7 for every £100 staked.