Flat Racing Jockey Form - Wetherby - Last 10 Years
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Jockey Rides Wins Win Strike Rate Win %Return at SP Win %Return at Estimated Betfair Odds Placed (inc wins) Place Strike Rate Each-Way %Return at SP
GRAHAM LEE 4712.1%6.9%7.2%817.0%32.5%-
P J MCDONALD 39717.9%203.8%273.6%1641.0%161.2%-
TONY HAMILTON 39512.8%65.4%72.8%1333.3%71.8%-
JAMES SULLIVAN 32515.6%153.1%169.7%825.0%118.6%-
BEN CURTIS 30413.3%81.7%88.4%620.0%62.1%-
TOM EAVES 29413.8%232.8%357.1%517.2%154.8%-
JOE FANNING 26415.4%203.8%225.0%934.6%151.5%-
PAUL MULRENNAN 25520.0%124.4%142.5%1040.0%106.8%-
PHILLIP MAKIN 25416.0%112.0%136.1%1040.0%109.4%-
DAVID ALLAN 25416.0%106.2%118.8%728.0%84.7%-
JASON HART 2514.0%68.0%84.0%624.0%69.7%-
CONNOR BEASLEY 2100.0%0.0%0.0%314.3%31.9%-
PAUL HANAGAN 20420.0%135.8%161.0%1470.0%149.2%-
ANDREW MULLEN 2015.0%50.0%66.2%525.0%87.6%-

In the %Return boxes above, a return of 100% indicates breaking even. A return of 93% would indicate an average loss of £7 for every £100 staked.