Flat Racing Trainer Form - Wetherby - Last 10 Years
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Trainer Runners Wins Win Strike Rate Win %Return at SP Win %Return at Estimated Betfair Odds Placed (inc wins) Place Strike Rate Each-Way %Return at SP
TIM EASTERBY 34514.7%128.8%146.0%1441.2%120.8%-
RICHARD FAHEY 29620.7%156.0%192.3%1551.7%143.0%-
DAVID O'MEARA 28517.9%263.4%342.0%1450.0%198.1%-
MICHAEL EASTERBY 2414.2%37.5%47.9%520.8%46.4%-
RICHARD GUEST 2400.0%0.0%0.0%833.3%52.9%-
RUTH CARR 22313.6%86.4%92.0%522.7%67.3%-
MICKY HAMMOND 2200.0%0.0%0.0%418.2%29.0%-

In the %Return boxes above, a return of 100% indicates breaking even. A return of 93% would indicate an average loss of £7 for every £100 staked.