National Hunt Racing Form - 31 Days to 31st August 2012
DateRaceRace TypeRace DistanceHorseRace Value (Class)TrainerSP OddsFinishing Position
30 Aug 20126:40 Fontwell Handicap Hurdle2m 6fBATHWICK MAN3K (4)DAVID PIPE10-32/7
30 Aug 20126:10 Fontwell Handicap Chase2m 2fARUMUN3K (4)MICHAEL SCUDAMORE12-14/5
30 Aug 20125:40 Fontwell Handicap Hurdle2m 2fCASCO BAY2K (5)DAVID REES7-29/9
30 Aug 20125:10 Fontwell Novice Chase2m 2fPRESENT TO YOU4K (4)DAVID BRIDGWATER4-13/5
29 Aug 20123:20 Worcester NH Flat2mKEEP THE CASH2K (6)DAVID PIPE3-12/11
28 Aug 20127:10 Sedgefield Handicap Hurdle2m 2fSHISHA THREESIXTY2K (5)LUCINDA RUSSELL14-111/13
27 Aug 20124:00 Bangor Handicap Chase2m 1fTAKE OF SHOC'S4K (4)REBECCA CURTIS5-22/6
24 Aug 20124:30 Ffos Las Handicap Chase3m 1fQULINTON19K (2)DAVID PIPE14-17/9
23 Aug 20125:25 Ffos Las Handicap Hurdle2mBUSINESSMONEY JUDI3K (4)DAVID PIPE5-1P/7
23 Aug 20124:55 Ffos Las Handicap Chase2mCOMEHOMEQUIETLY19K (2)DAVID REES11-42/7
23 Aug 20124:25 Ffos Las Handicap Hurdle2m 4fKATCHMORE6K (3)DAVID PIPE5-11/5
23 Aug 20123:15 Ffos Las Novice Chase2m 3fPRESENT TO YOU4K (4)DAVID BRIDGWATER13-82/6
22 Aug 20128:00 Newton Abbot Handicap Hurdle2m 6fPRINCESSE FLEUR2K (5)MICHAEL SCUDAMORE40-17/14
22 Aug 20127:30 Newton Abbot Handicap Chase2m 5fRASH MOMENT3K (5)MICHAEL SCUDAMORE25-15/11
22 Aug 20127:00 Newton Abbot Novice Hurdle2m 1fSHALLOW BAY4K (4)DAVID PIPE4-12/8
22 Aug 20126:30 Newton Abbot Novice Chase3m 2fSHOEGAZER9K (3)DAVID PIPE5-2F/5
21 Aug 20123:55 Perth Handicap Chase3mSECRET DESERT3K (5)FERDY MURPHY15-23/5
21 Aug 20123:25 Perth Handicap Hurdle2m 4fLIVVY INN4K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL12-17/7
20 Aug 20123:40 Stratford Handicap Chase2m 4fPREMIER DANE11K (3)DAVID PIPE9-41/7
20 Aug 20122:10 Stratford Novice Hurdle2m 6fMOLLY OSCAR5K (4)DAVID PIPE9-13/9
19 Aug 20125:30 Southwell Handicap Hurdle2m 4fDARK ENERGY4K (4)MICHAEL SCUDAMORE25-1F/11
19 Aug 20125:00 Southwell Handicap Hurdle2m 4fLADYVIE4K (4)DAVID PIPE7-26/12
19 Aug 20122:30 Southwell Handicap Chase2m 4fGUNNER ROSE5K (4)MICHAEL SCUDAMORE9-25/11
19 Aug 20122:00 Southwell Handicap Chase3mVON GALEN3K (5)MICHAEL SCUDAMORE18-14/12
18 Aug 20124:15 Perth Handicap Hurdle2mHUNTERVIEW24K (2)DAVID PIPE12-14/10
18 Aug 20123:45 Perth Novice Handicap Chase2m 4fFOG PATCHES6K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL15-82/4
16 Aug 20127:30 Fontwell Handicap Hurdle2m 4fLAHIB THE FIFTH2K (5)DAVID PIPE14-17/15
16 Aug 20127:00 Fontwell Handicap Hurdle2m 2fDUKES ART3K (4)DAVID PIPE14-19/16
16 Aug 20126:30 Fontwell Novice Handicap Chase2m 2fESCARDO4K (4)DAVID BRIDGWATER11-22/9
16 Aug 20126:00 Fontwell Hurdle2m 2fSTARLIFE3K (4)DAVID PIPE5-45/10
4 Aug 20124:20 Newton Abbot Handicap Hurdle3m 3fLAUSTRA BAD19K (3)DAVID PIPE14-19/14
4 Aug 20122:35 Newton Abbot Novice Handicap Chase2mPRESENT TO YOU14K (4)DAVID BRIDGWATER9-23/10
3 Aug 20122:45 Bangor Novice Handicap Chase2m 4fLADYVIE4K (4)DAVID PIPE8-12/10
2 Aug 20122:20 Stratford Maiden Hurdle2m 3fREGAL ONE3K (4)DAVID BRIDGWATER3-14/12
1 Aug 20128:30 Perth Handicap Chase3mFOG PATCHES5K (5)LUCINDA RUSSELL5-41/7
1 Aug 20127:00 Perth Handicap Chase2mCRACKERJACK LAD3K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL5-2F/5
1 Aug 20125:55 Perth Selling Hurdle2mBEAT THE BAND4K (5)LUCINDA RUSSELL25-13/5