National Hunt Racing Form - 31 Days to 31st August 2012
DateRaceRace TypeRace DistanceHorseRace Value (Class)JockeySP OddsFinishing Position
31 Aug 20125:15 Bangor Handicap Hurdle2m 4fFACTOTUM2K (5)A P MCCOY20-15/9
31 Aug 20124:45 Bangor Handicap Chase3mSHADOW DANCER6K (3)A P MCCOY2-12/3
31 Aug 20123:00 Bangor Handicap Chase2m 4fGO GET EM KID4K (4)A P MCCOY13-83/4
31 Aug 20122:30 Bangor Maiden Hurdle2m 4fWILD WEST2K (5)A P MCCOY4-63/5
30 Aug 20127:30 Hereford NH Flat2m 1fMY DAWNEY2K (6)MAURICE LINEHAN10-19/14
30 Aug 20123:50 Stratford Handicap Chase2m 7fI'M THE DECIDER4K (4)MAURICE LINEHAN7-11/7
29 Aug 20123:20 Worcester NH Flat2mSIBERIAN SUN2K (6)A P MCCOY5-15/11
29 Aug 20122:20 Worcester Handicap Chase2m 7fCADDIE MASTER5K (3)A P MCCOY11-44/6
27 Aug 20125:45 Bangor NH Flat2m 1fLISTEN AND LEARN2K (6)MAURICE LINEHAN11-81/9
27 Aug 20124:35 Bangor Handicap Hurdle2m 4fTHE MAD ROBERTSON10K (4)A P MCCOY2-15/8
27 Aug 20124:00 Bangor Handicap Chase2m 1fSURF AND TURF4K (4)A P MCCOY4-13/6
27 Aug 20123:25 Bangor Novice Handicap Hurdle3mCARDINAL ROSE3K (4)A P MCCOY9-24/7
24 Aug 20124:30 Ffos Las Handicap Chase3m 1fLOST GLORY19K (2)A P MCCOY6-16/9
23 Aug 20125:25 Ffos Las Handicap Hurdle2mROLLINROLLINROLLIN3K (4)A P MCCOY9-45/7
23 Aug 20123:50 Ffos Las Handicap Chase3mHAWK RUN4K (5)A P MCCOY6-1P/6
23 Aug 20122:10 Ffos Las Maiden Hurdle2m 6fSTRONGLY SUGGESTED3K (4)A P MCCOY5-42/7
21 Aug 20127:50 Worcester Handicap Hurdle2mADAJAL2K (5)MAURICE LINEHAN16-16/17
21 Aug 20125:50 Worcester Handicap Chase2m 7fTARVINI3K (4)A P MCCOY5-13/7
21 Aug 20125:20 Worcester Handicap Chase2m 4fFORTY FIVE3K (4)A P MCCOY4-14/5
20 Aug 20124:40 Stratford Handicap Hurdle3m 3fSENTIMENTALJOURNEY4K (4)A P MCCOY7-21/7
20 Aug 20123:40 Stratford Handicap Chase2m 4fEASTLAKE11K (3)A P MCCOY3-15/7
19 Aug 20125:30 Southwell Handicap Hurdle2m 4fCUT THE CARDS4K (4)A P MCCOY6-4F/11
19 Aug 20122:30 Southwell Handicap Chase2m 4fSAVES TIME5K (4)A P MCCOY7-27/11
18 Aug 20127:40 Market Rasen Novice Handicap Hurdle2m 3fHOGAN'S BRIDGE2K (5)A P MCCOY12-13/13
18 Aug 20126:40 Market Rasen Novice Chase2m 4fSTORM SURVIVOR4K (4)A P MCCOY9-16/7
16 Aug 20127:30 Fontwell Handicap Hurdle2m 4fGLAN LADY2K (5)MAURICE LINEHAN25-1P/15
16 Aug 20126:40 Stratford Handicap Chase2m 7fCALYPSO BAY5K (4)A P MCCOY5-19/9
16 Aug 20126:30 Fontwell Novice Handicap Chase2m 2fI CAN RUN CAN YOU4K (4)RICHIE MCLERNON22-1P/9
16 Aug 20125:40 Stratford Novice Hurdle2mCOFFEE3K (4)A P MCCOY6-14/9
16 Aug 20125:00 Fontwell Novice Hurdle2m 2fAMERICAN LEGEND3K (4)RICHIE MCLERNON25-17/14
5 Aug 20124:30 Market Rasen Handicap Chase2m 4fSAGREDO8K (3)A P MCCOY5-22/4
5 Aug 20123:25 Market Rasen Novice Hurdle2m 5fWELL SHARP3K (4)A P MCCOY3-101/10
4 Aug 20124:55 Newton Abbot Handicap Chase2m 5fCHESAPEAKE9K (4)MAURICE LINEHAN10-17/11
4 Aug 20124:55 Newton Abbot Handicap Chase2m 5fO'CALLAGHAN STRAND9K (4)A P MCCOY5-16/11
4 Aug 20123:45 Newton Abbot Handicap Chase2mTEMPLE LORD24K (2)A P MCCOY9-23/9
3 Aug 20125:35 Bangor Handicap Hurdle3mDEED OF GIFT2K (5)MAURICE LINEHAN12-19/12
3 Aug 20123:55 Bangor Handicap Chase2m 1fVERY STYLISH4K (4)A P MCCOY6-17/8
3 Aug 20123:20 Bangor Novice Hurdle2m 1fPROMPTER3K (4)A P MCCOY5-22/8