All Racing Form - 31 Days to 31st October 2012
DateRaceRace TypeRace DistanceHorseRace Value (Class)JockeySP OddsFinishing Position
27 Oct 20124:00 Aintree Novice Handicap Hurdle3mFOUR FIDDLERS5K (4)LUCY ALEXANDER20-1P/12
26 Oct 20122:05 Newcastle Novice Handicap Hurdle2m 4fACADEMY4K (4)LUCY ALEXANDER15-2P/9
26 Oct 20121:30 Newcastle Handicap Chase3mISLA PEARL FISHER15K (2)PETER BUCHANAN16-1F/8
26 Oct 201212:30 Newcastle Novice Hurdle2mISSABELLA GEM4K (4)LUCY ALEXANDER66-17/11
25 Oct 20123:25 Carlisle Novice Hurdle2m 4fLITTLE GLENSHEE5K (4)LUCY ALEXANDER9-25/11
25 Oct 20122:55 Carlisle Handicap Chase2m 4fBERTIE MILAN2K (5)LUCY ALEXANDER11-42/6
25 Oct 20122:20 Carlisle Handicap Hurdle2m 4fCHEATINGSIDEOFTOWN3K (4)LUCY ALEXANDER4-1F/9
20 Oct 20125:40 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2m 6fBALWYLLO3K (5)CRAIG GALLAGHER50-111/14
20 Oct 20125:40 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2m 6fCAUGHT IN THE ACT3K (5)JOE COLLIVER4-11/14
20 Oct 20124:30 Kelso Novice Hurdle2m 6fMILANO MAGIC5K (4)PETER BUCHANAN3-12/7
20 Oct 20123:50 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2mKING BREX4K (4)MR C ALEXANDER10-15/9
13 Oct 20123:55 Hexham Handicap Hurdle3mISLA PATRIOT3K (5)PETER BUCHANAN6-14/6
13 Oct 20123:20 Hexham Handicap Chase2m 4fTIPSY DARA4K (4)LUCY ALEXANDER2-11/6
13 Oct 20122:45 Hexham Novice Hurdle2mISSABELLA GEM4K (4)LUCY ALEXANDER7-1P/8
13 Oct 20122:10 Hexham Novice Chase2mPAPAMOA5K (4)LUCY ALEXANDER40-16/10
7 Oct 20125:10 Kelso Handicap Chase2m 7fOR DE GRUGY3K (5)LUCY ALEXANDER4-11/10
7 Oct 20124:35 Kelso Novice Handicap Hurdle2m 2fBALWYLLO3K (5)CALLUM WHILLANS50-1P/13
7 Oct 20124:35 Kelso Novice Handicap Hurdle2m 2fGOLDTREK3K (5)LUCY ALEXANDER25-19/13
7 Oct 20124:05 Kelso Handicap Chase2m 7fROSSINI'S DANCER9K (3)LUCY ALEXANDER15-2P/10
7 Oct 20123:35 Kelso Hurdle2m 6fJET MASTER5K (4)LUCY ALEXANDER12-12/9