All Racing Form - 31 Days to 31st March 2013
DateRaceRace TypeRace DistanceHorseRace Value (Class)TrainerSP OddsFinishing Position
30 Mar 20134:55 Carlisle Handicap Chase2mCASTLELAWN7K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL8-17/9
30 Mar 20133:45 Carlisle Handicap Chase2m 4fDEVOTION TO DUTY14K (3)LUCINDA RUSSELL7-16/8
30 Mar 20132:35 Carlisle Novice Chase2m 4fROWDY ROCHER9K (3)LUCINDA RUSSELL4-15/5
30 Mar 20132:00 Carlisle Novice Handicap Hurdle2m 1fKANE RIVER5K (4)SHEENA WALTON25-1P/7
27 Mar 20133:20 Wetherby Novice Hurdle2m 6fNIMKO4K (4)TIM WALFORD100-1P/9
22 Mar 20134:35 Sedgefield Handicap Chase3m 3fBRIGHT CLOUD5K (4)TIM WALFORD9-13/7
22 Mar 20132:20 Sedgefield Novice Hurdle2m 1fBIG SOUND4K (4)TIM WALFORD10-16/9
20 Mar 20133:10 Haydock Handicap Chase3mON BROADWAY7K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL3-1F/4
17 Mar 20134:00 Carlisle Handicap Chase3m 2fVAMIZI12K (3)LUCINDA RUSSELL9-26/7
17 Mar 20133:30 Carlisle Novice Handicap Hurdle2m 3fDOTTIES DILEMA6K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL7-25/5
17 Mar 20132:30 Carlisle Novice Hurdle2m 1fDE BEE KEEPER5K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL9-15/10
13 Mar 20134:00 Cheltenham Handicap Hurdle2m 5fSAPHIR RIVER78K (1)LUCINDA RUSSELL50-110/28
12 Mar 20132:40 Cheltenham Handicap Chase3mNUTS N BOLTS88K (1)LUCINDA RUSSELL25-16/24
9 Mar 20133:25 Ayr Handicap Chase3m 1fDO IT FOR DALKEY11K (3)LUCINDA RUSSELL10-31/10
9 Mar 20131:45 Ayr Novice Hurdle3mKRIS CROSS4K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL11-22/7
8 Mar 20133:45 Ayr Novice Chase2mCASTLELAWN5K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL5-13/7
8 Mar 20132:10 Ayr Novice Hurdle2mHALLMARK STAR8K (3)LUCINDA RUSSELL11-22/7
7 Mar 20134:50 Carlisle Handicap Chase2mGOLD CYGNET7K (4)THERESA GIBSON40-12/10
7 Mar 20133:45 Carlisle Handicap Chase3m 2fETXALAR7K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL6-11/13
7 Mar 20133:15 Carlisle Novice Hurdle2m 3fNORTHERN OSCAR4K (4)TIM WALFORD66-18/12
7 Mar 20132:40 Carlisle Novice Handicap Chase2m 5fWILD GEESE5K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL9-13/11
5 Mar 20134:50 Newcastle Handicap Chase2m 4fDEVOTION TO DUTY9K (3)LUCINDA RUSSELL14-11/9
5 Mar 20134:20 Newcastle Novice Hurdle2m 4fMR OPULENCE4K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL66-110/11
5 Mar 20132:20 Newcastle Novice Hurdle2mCLONDAW KNIGHT4K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL9-45/14
4 Mar 20133:40 Southwell Novice Handicap Hurdle2m 4fUNO VALOROSO2K (5)TIM WALFORD50-16/14
3 Mar 20135:20 Sedgefield Handicap Chase2mMORNING TIME3K (5)LUCINDA RUSSELL4-14/7
3 Mar 20133:20 Sedgefield Handicap Hurdle2m 4fGRANWOOD3K (5)TIM WALFORD11-43/11
2 Mar 20134:15 Kelso Chase2m 7fBOLD SIR BRIAN19K (1)LUCINDA RUSSELL3-1P/8
2 Mar 20133:05 Kelso Handicap Chase2m 1fLORD OF DRUMS5K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL7-23/8
2 Mar 20131:55 Kelso Novice Hurdle2mDE BEE KEEPER4K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL14-18/14