All Racing Form - 31 Days to 31st August 2013
DateRaceRace TypeRace DistanceHorseRace Value (Class)JockeySP OddsFinishing Position
31 Aug 20133:55 Newton Abbot Handicap Chase2m 5fBILLIE MAGERN34K (1)RYAN HATCH20-14/11
30 Aug 20137:30 Southwell Handicap1m 3fGOLDIE HORN2K (6)WILLIAM TWISTON-DAVIES14-13/8
30 Aug 20137:00 Southwell Handicap1m 4fGOLDEN JUBILEE4K (5)WILLIAM TWISTON-DAVIES5-12/7
28 Aug 20134:20 Worcester Claiming Hurdle2m 4fLODGICIAN2K (5)RYAN HATCH20-13/9
28 Aug 20132:50 Worcester Novice Chase2mTHE COCKNEY MACKEM5K (4)SAM TWISTON-DAVIES2-11/7
28 Aug 20132:20 Worcester Handicap Chase2m 7fPAPRADON9K (3)SAM TWISTON-DAVIES15-25/5
26 Aug 20136:00 Huntingdon Handicap Hurdle3m 2fARTIC NIGHT2K (5)DAVID ENGLAND10-15/8
26 Aug 20134:40 Cartmel Handicap Chase2m 5fCOOTEHILL11K (3)SAM TWISTON-DAVIES11-43/6
26 Aug 20134:05 Cartmel Handicap Chase3m 2fHUNTERS LODGE12K (3)RYAN HATCH5-14/8
24 Aug 20133:40 Cartmel Novice Chase2m 5fFOUNDRY SQUARE5K (4)SAM TWISTON-DAVIES5-42/6
24 Aug 20132:30 Cartmel Novice Hurdle2m 6fMINI MUCK4K (4)SAM TWISTON-DAVIES11-24/5
23 Aug 20135:45 Ffos Las Handicap Hurdle2m 4fLOVELY MUCK2K (5)SAM TWISTON-DAVIES12-18/12
23 Aug 20135:15 Ffos Las Handicap Hurdle3mROYAL RIVIERA8K (3)SAM TWISTON-DAVIES8-16/6
23 Aug 20134:05 Ffos Las Handicap Chase2m 5fBATTLECRY5K (4)SAM TWISTON-DAVIES6-1P/5
22 Aug 20135:05 Ffos Las Handicap Chase2mRHUM22K (2)SAM TWISTON-DAVIES11-26/7
22 Aug 20133:55 Ffos Las Handicap Chase3mKILVERGAN BOY3K (5)SAM TWISTON-DAVIES3-15/10
22 Aug 20133:20 Ffos Las Novice Chase2m 3fRED RIVERMAN5K (4)SAM TWISTON-DAVIES4-11/5
20 Aug 20136:10 Worcester Handicap Chase2m 7fPAPRADON6K (4)SAM TWISTON-DAVIES12-11/5
19 Aug 20131:45 Worcester Handicap Chase2m 4fBROUSSE EN FEUX3K (5)SAM TWISTON-DAVIES5-12/8
18 Aug 20133:30 Southwell Novice Chase3mACCORDING TO TREV5K (4)SAM TWISTON-DAVIES2-71/6
18 Aug 20133:00 Southwell Handicap Chase2m 4fBILLIE MAGERN22K (2)SAM TWISTON-DAVIES5-14/6
17 Aug 20136:10 Market Rasen Novice Hurdle2m 5fTHE COCKNEY MACKEM5K (4)SAM TWISTON-DAVIES11-102/8
17 Aug 20135:35 Market Rasen Amateur Hurdle2m 1fMISS H LEWISS2K (5)RYAN HATCH14-15/8
14 Aug 20132:30 Ffos Las Maiden1mGOLDIE HORN3K (5)WILLIAM TWISTON-DAVIES50-15/9
13 Aug 20133:30 Worcester Handicap Hurdle2m 7fARTIC NIGHT2K (5)NOEL FEHILY3-1P/14
13 Aug 20133:00 Worcester Novice Hurdle2m 4fPOLLY HOPPER4K (4)RYAN HATCH15-83/10
6 Aug 20136:30 Kempton Handicap1m 4fGOLDEN JUBILEE2K (6)WILLIAM TWISTON-DAVIES8-16/14
5 Aug 20135:00 Wolverhampton Maiden1mGOLDIE HORN3K (5)SEAN LEVEY50-17/11