All Racing Form - 30 Days to 30th April 2018
DateRaceRace TypeRace DistanceHorseRace Value (Class)JockeySP OddsFinishing Position
27 Apr 20185:15 Perth NH Flat2mACCOST4K (4)LUCY ALEXANDER66-19/13
27 Apr 20184:15 Perth Handicap Hurdle2m 4fSILK OR SCARLET7K (4)LUCY ALEXANDER6-12/9
27 Apr 20181:30 Perth Novice Hurdle2mKOALA KEEL6K (4)GRANT COCKBURN33-1F/8
26 Apr 20185:10 Perth Novice Handicap Hurdle2m 4fCRAIGANBOY7K (4)GRANT COCKBURN40-12/7
26 Apr 20184:35 Perth Handicap Hurdle3m 3fLANDECKER12K (3)GRANT COCKBURN28-18/9
26 Apr 20183:30 Perth Novice Handicap Chase2m 4fFLY RORY FLY15K (3)LUCY ALEXANDER22-14/6
26 Apr 20182:55 Perth Handicap Hurdle2mMOORES NOVELTY7K (4)LUCY ALEXANDER14-1P/12
26 Apr 20182:55 Perth Handicap Hurdle2mCHRISTMAS IN USA7K (4)GRANT COCKBURN8-1F/12
25 Apr 20184:15 Perth Novice Handicap Chase3mCALIVIGNY11K (3)LUCY ALEXANDER7-14/6
25 Apr 20183:45 Perth Amateur Handicap Hurdle3mANDHAAR7K (4)MR CRAWFORD ROBERTSON28-19/11
25 Apr 20183:45 Perth Amateur Handicap Hurdle3mDUTCH CANYON7K (4)MR KIT ALEXANDER18-17/11
25 Apr 20183:10 Perth Handicap Chase3mJET MASTER19K (3)LUCY ALEXANDER12-1F/11
25 Apr 20182:00 Perth Handicap Hurdle2m 4fJOLIE CRICKETTE8K (4)LUCY ALEXANDER16-15/8
23 Apr 20183:50 Hexham Handicap Chase3mMCGINTY'S DREAM8K (5)LUCY ALEXANDER8-1F/14
23 Apr 20183:20 Hexham Handicap Hurdle2m 4fTOP CAT HENRY13K (3)MR KIT ALEXANDER80-19/11
20 Apr 20185:15 Ayr Handicap Hurdle3mBENNY'S SECRET16K (3)LUCY ALEXANDER40-110/18
16 Apr 20185:10 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2m 2fUP HELLY AA KING7K (4)GRANT COCKBURN17-25/8
16 Apr 20183:40 Kelso Handicap Chase3m 2fBUFFALO BALLET13K (3)LUCY ALEXANDER13-24/9
16 Apr 20183:10 Kelso Handicap Chase2m 6fALWAYS TIPSY8K (4)LUCY ALEXANDER14-11/9
16 Apr 20182:40 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2m 7fROAD TO GOLD7K (4)LUCY ALEXANDER5-24/6
16 Apr 20182:10 Kelso Novice Hurdle2m 2fKOALA KEEL6K (4)GRANT COCKBURN28-15/7
15 Apr 20185:10 Newcastle Handicap Chase2m 7fMASSINI'S LADY7K (5)LUCY ALEXANDER11-26/6
15 Apr 20185:10 Newcastle Handicap Chase2m 7fBERTALUS7K (5)GRANT COCKBURN9-11/6
15 Apr 20184:05 Newcastle Handicap Chase2m 4fGOLD OPERA11K (4)LUCY ALEXANDER15-21/5
15 Apr 20183:00 Newcastle Handicap Chase2m 4fMCGINTY'S DREAM5K (5)LUCY ALEXANDER3-12/6
14 Apr 20185:00 Newcastle Handicap Chase2mTITIAN BOY5K (5)WILL KENNEDY4-14/7
14 Apr 20182:05 Newcastle Handicap Chase2m 7fTHE ORANGE ROGUE7K (4)LUCY ALEXANDER7-1P/6
8 Apr 20183:55 Carlisle Handicap Chase2m 4fCALIVIGNY12K (4)LUCY ALEXANDER13-26/9
7 Apr 20184:45 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2m 5fANOTHER MATTIE7K (4)MR KIT ALEXANDER15-23/10
7 Apr 20184:45 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2m 5fROAD TO GOLD7K (4)LUCY ALEXANDER11-12/10
7 Apr 20184:10 Kelso Handicap Chase2m 1fCRAIGANBOY6K (4)GRANT COCKBURN20-1P/8
7 Apr 20183:35 Kelso Handicap Hurdle3m 2fLANDECKER39K (2)LUCY ALEXANDER14-1P/9
7 Apr 20183:00 Kelso Handicap Chase3m 2fLAKE VIEW LAD49K (2)STEPHEN MULQUEEN9-13/10