National Hunt Racing Form - 31 Days to 31st May 2018
DateRaceRace TypeRace DistanceHorseRace Value (Class)TrainerSP OddsFinishing Position
31 May 20189:00 Ffos Las Handicap Hurdle2m 4fPARWICH LEES6K (5)NEIL MULHOLLAND25-15/10
31 May 20187:00 Ffos Las Handicap Chase3mDAUPHINE EREINE13K (3)DAVID PIPE6-14/12
31 May 20186:30 Ffos Las Novice Handicap Chase2m 5fGREAT TEMPO8K (4)DAVID PIPE4-12/10
31 May 20186:00 Ffos Las Novice Hurdle2mROSIE LEA6K (4)STUART KITTOW11-15/9
30 May 20186:45 Warwick Handicap Hurdle2mGREEN OR BLACK7K (4)NEIL MULHOLLAND9-26/6
28 May 20184:20 Huntingdon Handicap Hurdle2m 5fPURPLE 'N GOLD8K (4)DAVID PIPE12-110/13
28 May 20183:45 Huntingdon Novice Handicap Chase3mTHE WICKET CHICKEN6K (4)NEIL MULHOLLAND7-22/6
28 May 20182:00 Huntingdon Maiden Hurdle2mTHE TWISLER4K (5)NEIL MULHOLLAND2-16/9
27 May 20184:50 Uttoxeter Handicap Hurdle2m 4fBATTLE OF IDEAS12K (4)COLIN TIZZARD8-15/14
27 May 20184:15 Uttoxeter Handicap Chase3m 2fTHEATRICAL STAR21K (3)COLIN TIZZARD14-18/11
27 May 20183:40 Uttoxeter Handicap Chase2m 4fVANITEUX39K (2)DAVID PIPE22-113/17
27 May 20183:05 Uttoxeter Novice Hurdle2m 4fQUEEN'S MAGIC10K (3)NEIL MULHOLLAND11-44/6
27 May 20182:30 Uttoxeter Novice Chase2m 4fQUALANDO15K (3)ALAN JONES7-23/6
27 May 20181:55 Uttoxeter Novice Handicap Hurdle2m 7fCINTEX8K (4)NEIL MULHOLLAND12-1P/11
26 May 20189:05 Ffos Las NH Flat2mLIST ONE3K (5)NEIL MULHOLLAND25-16/11
26 May 20188:05 Ffos Las Handicap Hurdle2m 4fINAMINNA12K (3)NEIL MULHOLLAND9-24/9
26 May 20186:05 Ffos Las Novice Hurdle2mLAWMAKING6K (4)MICHAEL SCUDAMORE14-1P/8
25 May 20188:45 Worcester Handicap Hurdle2m 4fMRS BURBIDGE8K (4)NEIL MULHOLLAND12-14/10
25 May 20187:45 Worcester Novice Hurdle2m 7fORCHARD THIEVES6K (4)DAVID PIPE20-11/7
25 May 20187:15 Worcester Novice Hurdle2m 4fWHITLEY NEILL6K (4)DAVID PIPE11-24/9
25 May 20186:45 Worcester Handicap Chase2m 4fFORT GABRIEL12K (3)DAVID BRIDGWATER12-12/8
23 May 20188:35 Southwell NH Flat2mEASTER ERIC3K (5)DAVID PIPE16-13/7
23 May 20183:45 Warwick Handicap Hurdle2mROSSETTI24K (2)NEIL MULHOLLAND40-18/9
23 May 20182:40 Warwick Handicap Hurdle3m 1fACTIVIAL12K (3)NEIL MULHOLLAND33-13/7
21 May 20183:55 Towcester Handicap Chase3mNO BUTS9K (4)DAVID BRIDGWATER9-13/6
20 May 20185:10 Stratford NH Flat2mSTRIKE IN MILAN3K (5)TOM GEORGE5-21/7
20 May 20184:40 Stratford Novice Handicap Chase2m 3fBOY IN A BENTLEY6K (4)NEIL MULHOLLAND7-1P/8
20 May 20183:10 Stratford Novice Hurdle2mGENI JOHNSON4K (5)ALEXANDRA DUNN10-12/7
20 May 20182:35 Stratford Handicap Chase2m 1fSTEALING MIX9K (4)NEIL MULHOLLAND10-16/10
19 May 20188:05 Uttoxeter Handicap Hurdle2mMAGICAL THOMAS6K (5)NEIL MULHOLLAND14-19/13
16 May 20185:15 Newton Abbot NH Flat2m 1fDANCING HEARTS3K (5)MICHAEL SCUDAMORE50-111/15
15 May 20184:50 Wincanton NH Flat1m 7fSHELL CRYSTAL3K (5)DAVID PIPE50-1P/17
15 May 20183:50 Wincanton Novice Chase2m 4fEXXARO18K (2)COLIN TIZZARD11-24/4
15 May 20183:20 Wincanton Handicap Hurdle2m 5fCELESTIAL PATH7K (4)DAVID PIPE16-1P/9
15 May 20182:50 Wincanton Handicap Hurdle1m 7fLIZZIE LANGTON6K (5)COLIN TIZZARD20-1P/11
15 May 20182:20 Wincanton Novice Hurdle1m 7fTHE DETAINEE6K (4)NEIL MULHOLLAND6-43/7
14 May 20184:20 Kempton Handicap Chase2m 4fCODE OF LAW8K (4)NEIL MULHOLLAND25-1P/11
14 May 20183:15 Kempton Novice Handicap Chase2m 4fBOY IN A BENTLEY8K (4)NEIL MULHOLLAND20-1F/6
13 May 20185:35 Southwell NH Flat2mGLOBAL RHAPSODY3K (5)NEIL MULHOLLAND9-48/11
13 May 20185:05 Southwell Handicap Hurdle3mTHEATRE ROUGE7K (5)NEIL MULHOLLAND20-1P/14
13 May 20184:35 Southwell Novice Handicap Hurdle2mADMIRAL KID7K (4)NEIL MULHOLLAND8-14/8
13 May 20184:05 Southwell Maiden Hurdle2m 4fTRUCKERS LODGE5K (5)TOM GEORGE5-61/7
13 May 20183:30 Southwell Novice Handicap Hurdle3mTIMEFORBEN8K (4)DAVID PIPE9-24/10
13 May 20183:00 Southwell Handicap Chase2m 4fBISHOPS COURT16K (3)NEIL MULHOLLAND14-14/6
13 May 20182:25 Southwell Novice Handicap Chase2m 4fDALKADAM10K (4)J R JENKINS6-13/9
12 May 20185:55 Haydock Handicap Chase2m 3fPEARLS LEGEND16K (3)JOHN SPEARING8-14/9
12 May 20182:00 Haydock Handicap Hurdle2m 7fACTIVIAL39K (2)NEIL MULHOLLAND40-18/17
10 May 20187:50 Wincanton Maiden Hurdle1m 7fTHE TWISLER4K (5)NEIL MULHOLLAND3-12/14
10 May 20185:50 Wincanton Handicap Hurdle2m 4fNIGHT OF SIN12K (3)NICK WILLIAMS10-15/8
10 May 20182:45 Worcester Handicap Chase2m 4fRED SQUARE REVIVAL7K (4)DAVID PIPE5-2P/10
10 May 20182:10 Worcester Novice Handicap Chase2m 4fGREAT TEMPO8K (4)DAVID PIPE9-23/9
9 May 20184:55 Newton Abbot Handicap Chase3m 2fDELL' ARCA13K (3)DAVID PIPE3-14/6
8 May 20187:20 Exeter Handicap Chase2m 3fKINGS LAD15K (3)COLIN TIZZARD17-21/8
8 May 20186:50 Exeter Handicap Hurdle2m 7fFRIDAY NIGHT LIGHT15K (3)DAVID PIPE4-16/10
8 May 20186:20 Exeter Novice Hurdle2m 3fJUST MIDAS6K (4)DAVID PIPE20-16/8
8 May 20185:50 Exeter Maiden Hurdle2m 1fMRS MIGGINS6K (4)DAVID PIPE10-13/11
7 May 20184:40 Kempton Handicap Chase2m 2fVANITEUX22K (2)DAVID PIPE5-13/8
7 May 20181:45 Kempton Novice Hurdle2mATALANTA'S GOLD6K (4)GARY MOORE50-14/7
6 May 20181:00 Towcester Maiden Hurdle2mDANDOLO DU GITE5K (5)NEIL MULHOLLAND4-12/7
5 May 20185:40 Uttoxeter Handicap Chase3mCORNER CREEK6K (5)MICHAEL SCUDAMORE16-1P/11
5 May 20184:30 Uttoxeter Handicap Hurdle2m 7fTHE WICKET CHICKEN11K (3)NEIL MULHOLLAND14-15/12
5 May 20182:10 Uttoxeter Maiden Hurdle2mLOUGH RYN4K (5)NEIL MULHOLLAND33-16/11
5 May 20181:40 Uttoxeter Novice Handicap Hurdle2m 7fPARWICH LEES6K (5)NEIL MULHOLLAND20-114/15